Email marketing has been and continues to be a central pillar of a strong digital marketing strategy. While some emails go unread and plague our inboxes until we finally unsubscribe, some cut through the noise and are actually enjoyed. The question is: how do you make your email marketing irresistible and compelling enough to be opened and read?

What is Email Marketing?

As its name suggests, this technique, also referred to as simply emailing, is based on a sending emails to a list of contacts. Email marketing is a mix of communication and direct marketing.

Though its decline has long been predicted, this veteran of a marketing technique remains just as strong today! Additionally, in terms of return, email marketing recruitment continues to be one of the most profitable and effective actions an advertiser take.

Email Marketing Stats

We could talk all day about the wonderful things brought to us by email marketing but advertisers and marketing directors want to hear about the metrics and figures. A report carried out by i-AutoResponder on the use and perception of email marketing revealed some very interesting information:

  • Unsurprisingly, internet use has become a daily activity in the life of many, many people. 100% of those interviewed confirmed using the internet daily – primarily due to the high number of mobile devices in existence. Men between the ages of 35 and 44 are somewhat more active but there really is no notable difference between ages or sexes.
  • 80% of users check their email and social media multiple times a day. Furthermore, the use of multimedia content, instant messaging services, and news sources is also very present.
  • With a whopping 74% of users, Gmail is without a doubt the preferred email service. However, Hotmail is still the most used for subscribing to email marketing content.
  • In general, internet users have a pretty positive perception of email marketing, especially regarding product offers or discounts. The primary negative aspect would simply be the quantity of emails a user receives in a day.
  • Consumers have established the optimal frequency for receiving marketing emails to be between 1 and 3 emails per week.
  • Emails should be direct, simple, and have a short, engaging message. Terms like “offer” and “promotion” can greatly increase your open rate.

Other sources also contribute to these numbers:

  • Email marketing continues to yield a high ROI (return on investment), as the average return is $38 USD for every $1 USD invested.
  • 48% of all emails are opened on a smartphone.

Why is Email Marketing important?

  1. First, it’s more effective than social media (for customer acquisition)
  2. Secondly, it’s more economical and cost-effective than other mediums
  3. It’s a more personalized and customizable digital marketing channel
  4. Uniquely, since it’s action-oriented, it’s user activities are measurable
  5. Lastly, with new digital platforms, users can check emails on their phones

With that in mind, what’s the secret of emailing success? There is absolutely no way users can open and read all of these emails. But they will see all of the subject lines. The subject line of your email is going to directly affect its open rate.

So, it needs to hype the reader, so they open the email. For instance, clickbait are headlines that are over-hyped to woo and bait people into clicking. Then the content does not deliver on the promise. People are learning to easily spot this style.

The Best Practice for Email Marketing 

You are sending emails regularly, but you aren’t growing your database. A great piece of content can bring new readers to your site but a great email likely won’t add people to your list. For this reason, you need to invest time in both creating great emails and adding people to your list.

This comes down to carefully placing calls to action in the right places. For some, this could mean a pop-up or interstitial ad and for others, it means including them organically in your content. There are no right or wrong answers, it’s simply a matter of offering a value proposition to your site’s visitors.

If the value of the content is high enough, people might simply want to be notified when there are new articles. What most people do when they want to build an email list is to put an opt-in form on their website and hope that people sign up. Unfortunately, this strategy usually doesn’t work very well.

Email offers you a direct and personal way to communicate with your audience, which can be adapted to different strategies and points in the purchase cycle. Take note of these tips to get you started.

  • Segment your database. As part of your strategy, you should make sure you have at least basic data on your subscribers. From there, you can use their behavior to further expand information about their interests and personalize communication with them as much as possible.
  • Be responsive. As with your website, your emails need to be viewable from all kinds of devices. Some of them will be able to display the latest interactive elements, while on others you may need to have a text and image based version B to make sure the message gets through.
  • Design different buyer journeys through email marketing. Once a user subscribes, you should welcome them and send them an initial email that introduces them to your content. If they have already made a purchase, you can build this loyalty. In short, it is a matter of understanding what stage they are at in order to offer them a journey that makes sense.

Email Marketing Services can Help You:

  • Promote sales, events, and specials or share news about your business
  • Increase awareness of your brand with your target audience
  • Improve traffic to your company website and increase your engagement
  • Increase exposure and readership of your company messaging

Pros and Cons of Email Marketing

Why should you use email marketing? What makes email marketing effective is that it is:

Flexible: You can use different kinds of content, from plain text to videos, info graphics, etc. You can also attach files to raise your brand awareness.

Cost-effective: It’s cheaper than other types of marketing.

Permission-Based: It goes to people who are actually interested to receive.

Shareable & Measurable: The email content is easy to share and you can analytics software to measure the success of the campaign.

Scalable: You can use email marketing with both short & well-targeted lists.

Real-time: you can connect with your customers in real-time to make the right offer at right time.

Less intrusive: Recipients can read your emails when they want.

Not only do email marketing influence sales, but it also offer many additional benefits. However, there are also some drawbacks you should keep in mind i.e., Undelivered emails, spam, file size issue, and design issues. And also, to create an effective email campaign, you should have skilled professionals to create copies, design your emails, and build your email list. Don’t worry let’s clear the picture.

Everything in this world has two aspects one is positive and the other is negative. What should we do? Just compare the number of advantages and disadvantages and go accordingly. So, we are going to avail of the email marketing services for our business! Are you taking them too?

E-commerce Strategic Tips

Here are just a few of the ways to personalize email marketing:

  • Gather the entire subscriber database in one source. Yes, it has already been said, but it is really important! Keeping diverse parts of the database in separate places and collecting different data is like living in parallel universes.
  • Analyze all the types of data collected to plan how you can better use it to personalize each variety of mailing.
  • Use the dynamic time to send emails. That is, set up sending an email to each user at the time when they most often check it. Thus, your newsletter will be the first in their inboxes and consequently improving your email open rate.
  • Add dynamic content. Show the subscriber an interesting promotion to them, highlighting their size of shoes or clothes in stock and showing the price with their personal discount, etc. In this way, you will increase the purchasing interest and the orders in your online shop.

In order to make all your email marketing efforts to be worthwhile, it is essential to use an integrated approach and properly allocate resources:

  • Find the points in the interaction with your subscribers that might result in revenue growth, by: analyzing current indicators, evaluating technologies that can help you with it, and adding new communication channels to newsletters.
  • Design an action plan for the next coming months and divide it into different stages
  • Use A/B/N testing to compare how good your different hypotheses work.
  • Follow the dynamics, summarize them, and draw your own conclusions.
  • Repeat all over again.

The important role of email marketing in an omnichannel strategy

The boundaries between marketing channels are quickly blurring, and the omnichannel for business is no longer news. However, customers have not been waiting for your company news for a long time. They are not interested, and moreover buyers clearly understand their own needs and have the ability to find by themselves what they need to keep satisfied. They have, by now, learned when final discounts dates are and know all the life hacks to get the best deal.

To guarantee that all your marketing actions, including email marketing, are as organic as possible, be sure to take the tips below into account:

  • Create or update your customer’s profile and identify the communication channels they are interested in.
  • Combine all user data in one source to segment subscribers according to all accumulated parameters.
  • Use predictive analytics and create consumption chains.
  • Use your Yandex and Google knowledge, and Facebook audiences to interact with customers through multiple channels.

Now it is not just about delivering the right message to the right person. Now e-commerce stores need to work in several dimensions to send the right message to the right person at the right time and format.

Where Can I Get The Best Email Marketing Services?

Using email marketing effectively can be a tricky task for beginners because there are too many factors you should keep in mind. There is a balance between what readers will assume is an instant delete email and one they want to open, and that balance hangs on how much advertising is done throughout. So, whilst you’re excited about your product and you want to shout about it and get readers to become customers, you have to be tactful about how much advertising you do.

Before you start building any campaign, make sure to establish a clear goal. Is it more website visits? New trials? Or sales? Whatever the goal, your email’s content, structure and design should focus on reaching it.

Regardless of the challenges, e-mail is still essentially the safest and the most cost-effective marketing channel when used adequately.

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