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Increase Traffic = Increase Sales!


Higher Targeted Traffic = Higher Conversion Rates = Higher Sales



Boost your website traffic, get new leads and sales for your business

Getting visitors to your website is the key to any successful marketing or promotional campaign. Online businesses MUST have visitors and targeted traffic hits to their websites in order to generate online sales.

The more targeted and timely that traffic, the higher the probability of making a sale to those visitors.


targeted traffic

We can send you targeted website visitors that you need – GUARANTEED – and we make it affordable and cost effective for you to do so! We pride ourselves on the quality of web traffic we deliver and the high quality of service we provide. Look at other sites and then read what we have to offer. Our traffic is delivered from high ranking optimized keyword listings on top search engines. You cannot get a more focused marketing campaign for your dollar.


The service we deliver consists of only real visitors targeted to your web page. All of the page views are unique, meaning no same IP address will be counted twice as a visit during the ENTIRE campaign period. If you purchase 10,000 hits then 10,000 real people will visit your website. We promise to deliver only genuine, quality targeted traffic, backed by a 100% satisfaction  guarantee.


Remember it’s not just any traffic you need – it must be targeted. We send you real website visitors who are actually looking for your service rather than vistors who are ‘forced’ just to view your site via some exchange program. We send you people who are actually interested in your product or service. This type of marketing is far more profitable to you and your visitors are far more likely to purchase from you, because they are pre qualified by looking for your category of business or product.

Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

Our website traffic is tailored for Adsense that is safe and won’t hurt youe Adsense account at all. Try one of our packages now and start increasing your Adsense revenue with our highly targeted website traffic.

Increased visitors will likely mean increased sales for your site with our

Professional Google AdSense Traffic Service

At WebTargetedTraffic we are focused on performance and conversions. With our advanced targeting options and fraud filter we make sure that you only get real quality clicks that are proven to have high interaction and conversion rates.

real website traffic guaranteed adsense safeWe are proud to have one of the most advanced fraud detection systems in the industry. We monitor all clicks that are sold through us on multiple levels. We are unique to even automatically refund you for clicks that we are able to specify as suspicious after they are have already been bought and received.

  • Self learning AI
    There are many different types of ad fraud which are rapidly developing and becoming more intelligent. This is why we have a self learning system to quickly identify new fraud methods and low quality clicks.
  • Complete coverage
    Our fraud filtering technology works for every device, ad format and geo and on multiple levels: pre-click, real-time and post-click.
  • Transparency
    We are completely transparent about the number of suspicious clicks that have been bought from your campaigns. Even though these clicks are refunded to you it can still help in your optimisation process to have this data available in your reports.

We don’t wait for your new customers to come to you, we go directly to them.

We have established a long history in accelerating the growth of businesses like yours. As the pioneer of ReTargeting Marketing, we deliver results that outperform other agencies. We won’t waste your time talking about impressions and clicks. All you care about is growing your business and that’s all we care about.


Order Your Google AdSense Safe Traffic Campaign Today!


Whether You’re Looking To Establish a Presence on The Internet

Or Are Simply Interested In Branding Your Site,

We Are Your Online Advertising Solution


Establish your web presence today with the most affordable marketing packages available on the internet. In

24 hours or less, we can have a steady flow of fresh prospects landing on your site – Guaranteed!


high quality website traffic

The plain truth is that the more visitors you receive, the more sales you will get. It’s all in the numbers. We do all the work! Just site back and enjoy the traffic. Try out one of our packages today and see for yourself.


We know that traffic is hard to come by. This is exactly why you are here. You have built your website and waited for people to see your site, but not enough people came therefore you did not make enough profit.


We specialize in getting your site the targeted visitors it needs to have a traffic increase. No matter what business or website you have, you need multiple visitors to make a significant profit.

Let us handle getting traffic to your website. We will send visitors to your website where you can convince them to purchase your products or services.

High Quality Targeted Traffic That Converts

Web Targeted Traffic is a trusted company world wide and is a legit website that sells targeted traffic.. They deliver targeted high quality real website traffic. That is why more than 75% of our clients are returning clients who already used our service in the past and believe on their quality and professional service. reviewWhether you are a well-known company or sole online business, Web Targeted Traffic is the most budget friendly way to reach your desired audience, get leads, boost sales, found new customers and generate brand awareness.

We use organic and paid traffic strategies to repeatedly put you in front of the right buyers at the right time.
Lots of traffic. And that traffic has to want what you sell. You need our help to drive targeted traffic with content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, digital advertising, and influencer marketing so you can show up in front of your ideal buyers over and over again.

Our powerful website advertising service connects real visitors to your website according to both geographical locations and targeted interests.

Start Promoting Your Website Worldwide Right Now!

It’s no secret that internet marketing is booming right now.

In fact with more people working from home than ever before, and with more people than ever looking to make some online income, internet marketing is a real GOLD RUSH at the moment.

But there’s one thing you should know… in the original gold rushes, it wasnt the gold miners that made the real money.

No, the people that made the real money in gold rushes, were the guys selling the tools.

Buy Quality Web Traffic

In order to guarantee unbeatable performance and value for money, we offer two different types of web traffic as follows:

– Regional Traffic. Buying regional web traffic means buying traffic from a specific country or region. For example, you may choose to buy USA web traffic, buy UK web traffic or buy Indian web traffic, depending on the location of your primary target audience.
Niche Traffic. This is the kind of targeted traffic that focuses on the specific niche or type of business. The traffic could therefore be music based, business based, technology based, ecommerce based and so on.

When you buy targeted web traffic, you immediately boost your visibility, credibility and potential to drive much stronger conversion rates. With the help of Media Mister, your success story starts right here, right now!

This traffic is of the highest quality and will add great exposure to your website and brand.

The result will be 100% real visitors who are actually interested in learning more information about a website such as yours! is The Best Rated Website Traffic Seller of 2018, 2019, 2020Read our reviews here!

Check our Certificate of Website Traffic here…

So what are you waiting for? Choose your traffic package today and let us boost your business by sending thousands of real, unique visitors to your website.

Buy targeted traffic that converts. Increase your website traffic today with our range of affordable traffic services. Get targeted website traffic today!

Every Targeted Traffic Campaign Includes:

Unique Visitors
All traffic delivered to your site consists of mostly unique visitors. Most traffic services operate only to move your hit counter – they deliver hits, but not real traffic. They may pay someone to surf to your site or use loading tricks where the user isn’t even aware that a page is loading in the background.
Targeted Traffic
We allow you to target your traffic by category, and only send visitors to your site once they click or view web material that matches your targeting selection. These targeted visitors are interested in your product or service!
Full-Size Page Views
Visitors will view your entire web page, unlike banners or normal pop-unders.
Money Back Guarantee
All purchases come with a 100% money-back guarantee – If you do not receive all of the traffic you ordered, we will refund the undelivered traffic
Real-Time Stats
Access to a real-time tracking system is provided, ensuring that you have the date, time and IP address of each and every visitor that we send to your website. Many others are afraid to let you see the visitors IP address, because then you would be able to tell the quality of their traffic. You will be provided with real-time stats so that you can keep track of your campaign’s progress and website traffic delivery.
No Spam!
We do not use email to send users to your site. Our service is much more intelligent than spam.
24 hour Unique Visitors
Our website traffic is unique per 24 hours, which means that we don’t count the same visitor more than once within a one day period.

Do Not Be Fooled By Some Sites Offering You Traffic at Ridiculously Low Prices!

Remember, you get what you pay for! Our traffic is REAL high quality traffic.

Increased visitors will likely mean increased sales for your site. 

Order Your Targeted Traffic Campaign Today!


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