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Ethical SEO Package


Our Ethical SEO Package includes identifying the keywords, researching the links, content marketing efforts, and search tactics used by your competitors so that we can pinpoint the best practices yielding maximum results for them. We extract the knowledge and value from these insights to design and execute successful SEO Strategies and digital marketing campaigns for you.

Website Audit
Usability Metrics
Functionality Check
Keyword Competition
Google SERPs Tracking
SEO Audit Report
100% White Hat SEO Safe
Social Presence
Link Strategy
Paid Search Model
Pay-Per-Click keywords
Ads content
Detailed Excel Report on order completion


The Ethical SEO Package

Want to take your Search Engine Optimisation to the next level? Our SEO Package will do that. Focusing on a good user experience designed to convert, securing quality links and structuring your website’s copy and code around the right keywords to get you ranked the ethical way is what we do best.

Secure top Google ranking results and convert that visibility into clicks through to your website with our ethical SEO Package.

The benefits of ethical Search Engine Optimisation:

  • Ongoing page 1 visibility in Google and other search engines for your best search terms
  • A significant ongoing increase in potential customers finding you and visiting your website
  • Satisfied website visitors that are keen to do business with you
  • Increased conversions, sales, revenue and ROI – for the long-term

…and all without the risk of being penalised or banned by the search engines.

high quality seo servicesIt’s been proven that if your website is not ranking on page 1 of search results, your website’s not visible to over 90% of traffic for industry competitive keywords. By safely performing SEO, WebTargetedTraffic can guarantee your unique website visits will increase in addition to your conversions, visibility and engagement with your online audience.

We have a track record for dramatically boosting natural Search Engine rankings using only ethical SEO techniques and strategies that Google and other search engines consider to be acceptable. We focus on your website visitors and provide them with the information that they want while also enticing them to buy from you.

When done correctly, no form of marketing has a higher return on investment than search engine optimization. Through years of experience, WebTargetedTraffic has learned how to navigate past potential pitfalls and provide a best-in-class SEO service that’s guaranteed to get you more visibility, more web traffic, and more customers. We’re ready to put our expertise to work for you and provide the most successful marketing investment you’ve ever made.

If you want to take a more significant portion of the traffic than your competitor, you must keep a close eye on them. This practice called “Search Engine intelligence.” At a technical level, you required to be aware when competitors are making changes to improve the quality of overall site experience. We will work on SEI to outwit your competitor and take advantages of points they overlooked.

Advantages of getting ethical SEO analysis

Hiring a growing ethical SEO expert or company for your small business is the finest thought to do if your wish to pull ahead yourself or your keywords amongst from your competitors. What accurately the benefits of receiving the services from a growing ethical SEO firm? Here are a few advantages of appointing an expert SEO analyst.

• Specialized SEO experts have the depth knowledge on the methods to improve the Search Engine ranking of your keywords in all search engines, and able to do it speedily. It helps your website to create a superior sum of web traffic at your site.

• Increment of the volume of authentic web traffic creation is also means an increment in sales of your business product and services. In ethical SEO you does not required PR on your web pages, it is automatically generated. You mostly concentrate at your keyword ranking which will put superb effect on getting superb web traffic.

SEO specialists will give you superior informative advice on effectual online web promotion and off-page marketing methodologies. You may advice them for searching the finest ways to lift your keywords at all search engines top positions within very wee time period.

Our SEO Package includes the following elements:

    • An SEO audit:
 This audit provides an excellent starting point for the SEO campaign and enables us to target the more critical areas first.
 The SEO Audit will cover all the points that could affect usability and also the ability to rank well in Google, including:
      ◦ Crawl Diagnostics
      ◦ Site speed
      ◦ Mobile usability
      ◦ On-site optimisation
      ◦ Off-site factors
    • keyword research:
 The most important element of a successful Search Engine optimisation strategy is choosing the right keywords to target. We’ll analyse the competition and the data in Google Analytics and Google Search Console and research and identify the best keywords to target for each of the site’s pages.
      There are multiple variations of keywords for any one topic, and Google doesn’t rely on keywords like it used to but instead it evaluates the topic and the user intention, we, therefore, focus on the key topics and enhance the relevancy of the content and the strength of the page, this in turn significantly increases overall Search Engine visibility for a variety of related keywords and as a result has a bigger impact on conversions.
    • On-site SEO:
 On page optimisation is essential and the keyword consistency and key areas will be optimised throughout the site. We develop each unique page and piece of content to target one particular keyword, topic or phrase and use this consistently across all visible and metadata associated with that URL. Combining this with unique and quality content that is also well promoted will provide the highest scores of relevance and therefore the best chance of achieving prominent Search Engine ranking.
    • High quality and relevant content:
 This is an essential element of SEO. Pages with little or no text content on them will struggle to gain good ranking in the search engines. We will ensure that all current content is useful, unique and focused and liaise with you in order to create and add more relevant information where necessary.
    • Google My Business:
 We will create and optimise a Google My Business listing and gain citations in order to increase the site’s trust factor.  We will also work with you to increase reviews on your Google My Business page as this further influences rankings and conversions.
    • Internal keyword rich links:
 All of your web pages should be crawled and indexed by the search engines as this provides more opportunity for the website to be found. Good internal links will also encourage visitors to spend longer on the site and help to minimise the site’s bounce rate. We will, therefore, build relevant links to the website’s internal pages to help more pages to be discovered, increase the likelihood of them ranking, increase the benefit to your site’s visitors and enhance the site’s quality signals.
    • Gaining relevant and high quality backlinks:
 backlinks are links that point to the site from other websites and are like letters of recommendation for your site. This is a crucial factor of SEO and a strategy will be put in place to improve the quantity and quality of backlinks.
    • EAT Factors: In light of Google’s Algorithm update, it will be essential that we work on improving the Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness factors (E-A-T).E-A-T is a great way to organize your thoughts and content to make it more effective. It stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness, which are the three main aspects Google raters and users would use to assess the entire webpage.Google and other search engines always make sure that the highest-quality content is on top. With that being said, you have to make sure that you post higher-quality content compared to your competitors.

      So when designing your webpage and writing content, try to follow the E-A-T order and put it into your SEO strategy.

    • Monitoring: We monitor the site’s position in the search engines for the keywords and traffic to the site. We provide monthly reports detailing ranking and traffic changes and also provide recommendations, where necessary, to ensure that the site continues to rank well in the search engines.

All our work is ethical, white hat and in line with Google’s best practice guidelines

Cost: from $700 per month for 6 months. (6 months minimum is recommended)

There is much that we can do to improve a site’s ranking in Google for the search terms that potential customers use so that, not only is the site’s online visibility significantly improved for the right keywords but more importantly, targeted traffic to the site is greatly increased leading to more enquiries and sales.

Organic SEO is a long-term strategy, with every positive change having a snowball effect. The benefits are often smaller at the start of the campaign, however, they will keep growing exponentially after weeks, months and years of deliberate attention. We, therefore, recommend 6 months of SEO as a minimum.

While our strategy and implementation tactics are ever-evolving, the principles guiding our work never change. Prior to starting our work, we work alongside our clients to research and develop the most impactful keywords to optimize for your business. We then strive to build strong, authoritative links and content aimed at advancing the ranking position of your website for your desired keyword terms. Finally, WebTargetedTraffic provides constant tracking, in-depth SEO audit, analysis and updates throughout the duration of your campaign, showing you exactly how and why your website is rising in Search Engine rankings.

Our Ethical SEO package will be tailored to fit your website and your objectives so that you get the best results for your business. Implementing the right overall Search Engine marketing strategy for you will ensure that your website is not only indexed by the search engines but also ranks for the best search terms so that you are found by your target market.

If you read Google’s Webmaster Guidelines they clearly state what is acceptable and what is not. Playing by the rules will bring long-term success… and that’s what we do for all our clients.

Our SEO package has a reputation for amplifying online visibility, significantly increasing website visitors and multiplying conversions.

At WebTargetedTraffic, We Research Your Competitors Across The Web And Social Media Networks, Helping You Know Your Competitors, Evaluate Their Strategies, And Learn Their Strengths And Weaknesses.

SEO best affordable monthly service

Want an increase in online visibility and targeted website traffic, enhanced trust and a boost in sales too?

Our optimised content package does that! We have the quality of expert professionals as we never play with numbers. We not only strive for the revenue generation, rather we add value to our services to establish your brand as a trustworthy and reputed venture. Market research itself speaks about the success of organic results as more than 80% of users rely on first page SEO Results.

Our Company is ready to assist you to analyze your competitors’ websites and improve your search visibility. Our SEO analysis will maximize your strengths and minimize weaknesses. So, contact us to make your business stand out in a crowd of competitors.


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