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Get real high quality views to your video. Start increasing your video ranking on Google and generate revenue.

WebTargetedTraffic is a leading YouTube Video Marketing and YouTube Video Promotion Services Providing company. We offer YouTube Video Marketing and Video Promotion Services for YouTube Channels for making Video Viral and Trending on YouTube.

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Buy YouTube Views – High Retention YouTube Views

We Provide High Quality YouTube Video Views From Active Users. Promote Your Video And Gain Valuable Recognition. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money Back. Our service has been used by thousands of YouTube user’s and has helped countless YouTube videos go viral.

The Benefits of Video Marketing

Our Expert team make strategy for video marketing campaign and accomplished it by conducting market research, competitive analysis and gathering targeted market insights.

Video Boosts Conversion Rates
A recent study found that 60% of online consumers are more likely to buy a product they are considering/purchasing after watching a video demonstration of that product or services.

Video dominated social media
Now, Brands need a video marketing strategy to popularize their products online.

Video Increase Interest
Four times as many customers would prefer to watch a product video, rather than read a product description.

Video helps you connect with your audience easily
With Increase in Data speed & users are watching videos easily & it helps you connect with your target audience effectively.

Why Buy YouTube Video Views?

Our service’s are a safe, trusted and extremely affordable means for promoting your YouTube video to a larger audience. Reap the benefits of having improved credibility, we provide real YouTube Video Views and valuable exposure. Our services start right away for explosive results. You may also gain more industry power, acquire more clients or opportunities, boost revenue and explode social media growth.

YouTube SEO is something that many people do not know how to properly do. Properly optimizing your videos is VERY important for getting more views, subscribers, and growth in general.

Many clients complain, their videos don’t get Views from YouTube Search. We simply answer them if your video is not optimized good according to the YouTube search engine’s algorithm it won’t get ranked on Top searches despite how good your content is hence you will be lost.

We will Optimized Your Video with the best Video SEO Title, SEO Description, and Best Searched tags for your videos to get rank on top-10 in You tube search.

Our powerful website advertising service connects real visitors to your website according to both geographical locations and targeted interests.

The result will be 100% real visitors who are actually interested in learning more information about a website such as yours! is The Best Rated Website Traffic Seller of 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021Read our reviews here!

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Buy 100% real Youtube Views at cheapest rates. Safe High Quality Youtube Promotion & Marketing Via Social Media

20 reviews for Buy YouTube Views

  1. Peter U. (verified owner)

    At last. A traffic delivery system that ACTUALLY delivers! Have an extremely robust ad tracking system provided by my hosting service and your traffic showed up with exact number of hits you said you delivered to my site. Hmmph! Some will deliver, some won’t deliver, you do deliver – period. I’ll be back for more

  2. Stephen G. (verified owner)

    I brought just 5000 visitors from you, and two weeks later i made my first sales! 🙂

  3. Jason M. (verified owner)

    Your website did a bang up job on me. I have spent much more money on promoting my site before and did not get any results in the past. It has been different this time. Am I going to get 9,000 in a little over a week. Thanks!!

  4. Gabrielle L. (verified owner)

    I received the new campaign email and will take a look at it tonight. I appreciate the service you provide. I am seeing an increase in sales and I am now getting some results 🙂

  5. Ellen M. (verified owner)

    This is an incredible service, I just wanted to tell you. I know you probably hear this all the time but is the pot of gold! A great alternative for all those spamming softwares that can get your site banned from Google.

  6. Karen Bob (verified owner)

    I have tried many different things and ways to promote my website over the last couple years. I have also spent considerable money using so called experts for building traffic. Nothing has worked very well or at all. In the two weeks I have used your product/service I have increased my click throughs by five hundred per day…so far!

  7. Karl Birger (verified owner)

    A+++. I appreciate your comments and to be honest the reason why choosing your company is the fact that you did not use “Spam” type techniques. The 3-th order is on the way 🙂

  8. David Russ (verified owner)

    Wow!!! I must say I have never had my questions so thoroughly answered before in a support email. Usually the support reply mail partially answers the question and, as a consequence, generates more questions, however that email not only answered my question from at least 5 different angles and then pre-answered questions that I would have as a result of reading this email. So I am floored to say the least. Just wanted to say thank you for a stellar job. I really am thoroughly impressed with my Targeted Traffic Campaign experience thus far.

  9. Nicolas J. (verified owner)

    I am affiliate marketer and I Got some conversions on this traffic campaign. I plan on doing multiple advertising with you if you have enough traffic to forward!

  10. Anthony J. (verified owner)

    We started to experiment buying hit traffic about 4 months ago and send 7000 visitors a month to our dropship store on. We have tried 3 companies that were worthless and results untrackable or noexistant. When I complained they made up excuses for why I did not receive what I purchased. We haD low expectations and I don’t expect to sell, but if I buy traffic I expect to at least receive visits that are trackable and not excuses like this one: traffic went to a clone of our site or it came in to fast to track properly. All lies. We were ready to give up on purchasing trafffic, but we finally we found webtargetedtraffic that delivers traffic that seems real and trackable and if we don’t see the real traffic we pay for they take responsibility and make up the difference. We have seen a slight increase in sales, and while its not cost effective yet, it does gain exposure for our products and we will continue. Selling our products is a long term process for us.

  11. Loren Marin (verified owner)

    The traffic is real people and the quality is very high. The group I targeted is the group they are delivering. And to my surprise, the quality is so high my metrics have improved dramatically. Page views and time on site have doubled. Even more surprising, my bounce rate has dropped to 24%. Simply amazing. If you are looking for real people, quality traffic, and a way to build your target audience to fully monetize your site, I recommend without reservation.

  12. Nathan A. (verified owner)

    So far I am happy with the visitors that I received and things are starting to move in the right direction.

  13. Lilian P. (verified owner)

    Quality website traffic as usually. Thanks 🙂

  14. George N. (verified owner)

    Outstanding experience 🙂

  15. Anette Liam (verified owner)

    I found your site via google. I then read what you are all about and for the small fee I had nothing to lose. After all how can I make any sales if no one visits my site. Ordering was smooth and there weren’t any hiccups. Thus far I have found customer support to be excellent and they have provided ideas for improving my exposure on the web.

  16. Peter B. (verified owner)

    This Traffic Service is the best one I have ever tried to get targeted vistors to my site. The professionalism of the staff is unparrelled to any that I have tried. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

  17. Christine Harvey (verified owner)

    It is nice to go to one place to create traffic for my site. I will be recommending my associates to go to your site also. I have another site I’am considering using your business.

  18. Richard Brownstein (verified owner)

    Outstanding experience! My order was processed straight away and started receiving visitors within 24 hours! A+++

  19. Shelly Wilson (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for your services, will use again!!! Loved it, thank you!!!

  20. Rusell M (verified owner)

    This is the third time I’ve purchased. Very pleased with this traffic campaign..

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