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No longer will YOU the merchant take ALL of the risk of very expensive and questionable advertising campaigns. While the publishers take your money and could care less whether or not you get any sales or a return on your investment. NO MORE!

At WebTargetedTraffic we have come up with advertising campaigns that we STAND BY with our reputation. It is our goal that ALL of our clients small AND large PROFIT from doing business with us.

We negotiated with the largest publishers on the internet to sell us “Social Signals” by the hundreds so that we could resell them individually to our clients. That way the publishers get one large lump of money from us and our clients get to advertise on the most prestigious sites on the internet at a fraction of the standard price.

More importantly then saving money on advertising campaigns, “Social Signals” generate 10 to 20 times the “Traffic (visitors)” and SALES the average banners bring in.

The objective of our company is to provide webmasters with increased ROI (return on investment) and value for money. We are not interested in directing Chinese speaking audience to a purely English book store, our sales targeted traffic and increased web traffic techniques are aimed at relevant and quality traffic only. Be it social media or adult traffic, we know that you are counting on us to deliver on our word, we are confident we will be able to offer you our services in kind, and will ensure that the increase in your web traffic is relevant and if applicable sales targeted traffic.


High Quality Social Media Advertising

Guaranteed Social Media Advertising Targeted By Country AND Category!

Social Media Marketing Services

Social media marketing has become very powerful method of internet marketing services in today’s time to gain website traffic through social networking websites. Social Media Marketing is a way to promote your website over the social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, MIX, etc. Social Media Marketing is also known as a Social Media Optimization in the internet world.

Everybody knows about Social Media, but many business owners aren’t aware of how valuable it can be as a tool for your business. Social media has the power to reach the entire world, and for your business, that can mean having your name heard and recognized from the farthest reaches of the globe. In times before Social Media, business owners had to rely on printed advertisements in the newspaper, mail-in ads, or television and radio ads with limited reach. Social media gives you the power to reach people far and wide, but you have to know how to optimize your ads. We can help.

Our raw materials for advertising and sales are numbers; they are our only compass (as long as they don’t conflict with our values).

For example:

  • We work with the extensive reach and the potential impact that online advertising offers.
  • We work with different types of ads tailored towards your goals.
  • We work in depth with market segmentations. The audiences we want our ads to reach should represent consumers who match our ideal buyer persona.
  • We continually measure ROI as well as other metrics that are important for reaching your campaign goals.
  • We are always zeroed in on campaign results.

Our Social Media Advertising Campaigns Include:

Custom ads for your email database

If you have a list of leads and past customers, let us help design ads specifically intended for each of your audiences.

Ad monitoring and optimization

This will allow you to identify which ads are performing poorly versus which ads are generating traffic to your business.

Targeting your advertisements toward specific demographics

Knowing your potential customers is one of the most important factors of successful advertising. We can help you understand your audience and appeal to them based on several demographic criteria.

Retargeting ads to bring straying visitors back to your media pages

If you have visitors convert to using your business on the first try, that’s great, but it’s not likely to happen all of the time. We can help bring visitors back to your website for another look via retargeting tools.

Development of advertising strategies

We can help you develop an advertising strategy that you’re going to understand clearly. We involve you in the creation process and walk you through it step by step so that you’re constantly on the same page as your team. We keep you up to speed on your ads’ performances, and we will show you clear, concise reports.

Creating interesting and engaging ads

Our job is to create advertisements that people are going to want to look at. We’re experienced when it comes to what people want, what works to draw a crowd, and what potential customers are going to ignore.

Experienced social media managers to work on your behalf

Our Social Media managers work with you to help increase your traffic and decrease your costs. You will be working with a manager who understands the way your business works and is prepared to execute what works for you.

In general, we work with one company per sector, committing ourselves to help them to be the best on each platform we manage. Our goal is to get our clients to have the most profitable advertising campaigns and to be of the upmost use/help for their businesses.

Our team works like a research lab and each campaign helps to improve a previous one. Moreover, when we find new competitive strategies within social ads, we apply them to our clients’ campaigns in order to help them improve their results.

Each piece of information is incredibly important. Furthermore, we pay attention to constantly emerging behavioral patterns in order to improve campaign profits.

If you already know that Social ads are the solution to your advertising needs, let the best professionals in the game assess your business and help you launch a highly profitable campaign. Contact us today so that we can provide you with dedicated solutions for your Social ads campaigns!

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